Our training courses

We have developed the most comprehensive and detailed practitioner-level training material. Below is a sense of what you can learn with TDW.

S-Series & IPS

S1000D - International Specification for the production of technical publications, using a Common Source DataBase

  • Understanding XML and S1000D
  • Advanced S1000D Techniques
  • S1000D for Project Managers
  • S1000D 101 – what you need to know
  • S1000D 101 – for executives 
  • S1000D for Technical Authors (introduction
  • Advanced S1000D authoring techniques
  • Contracting for S1000D
  • S1000D within the S-Series
  • Developing your projects S1000D Business Rules

SX000i - International specification for Integrated Product Support (IPS)

  • Making sense of SX000i

S2000M - International specification for material management

  • Introduction to S2000M
  • S2000M within the S-Series
  • Creating your S2000M Business Rules

Other courses

As well as the S-Series we provide additional training

  • Understanding structured authoring 
  • Developing structured content with Adobe RoboHelp
  • Selecting viewing solutions
  • Understanding Augmented Reality for technical publications
  • Developing technical publications as a revenue stream