Training with TDW

Over the years we have developed the best in class of training resources. Our material and examples are designed to be delivered both in-person in the classroom and online for those who prefer to learn remotely.

The classroom in person or online

We can deliver our training both online and in person. Depending on your needs TDW has the capability and know-how to deliver your training how you need it. 

Our classroom courses have been adapted to be delivered online and interactively. We deliver the sessions via TDWPlus, WebX, MS Teams, or Zoom. All students are able to fully engage with the tutor and all lessons are delivered via a live session supported by colorful training material. Students who miss a session are able to catch up via recorded sessions.

Example slide from our S1000D training
The TDWPlus members dashboard

Self-paced learning

We have developed the only ‘on demand’ learning resource to the community. Over 400 hours of online tutorials that are maintained and updated to align with releases of specifications, standards and software. TDWPlus is a subsscription service for those who need to maintain their skills or simply refresh their knowledge on a subject.

All TDWPlus members have access to tutorials via their dashboard, may join live sessions, search the archives and request tutorials/courses/support from TDW.

Bespoke and custom

All of the TDW training material is modular and can be pulled together to meet specific projects, organisa,tional and team needs. If you require TDW to emphasize and focus on a specific area, the modules are inlcided. If there are areas that are not so important to you, we can exclude them.

Custom courses for you, your team and project