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in aerospace, defence & space
100% Independent training from leading
experts in the field of aerospace, defence
and space technical communication
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Our passion and focus is technical communication in aerospace, defence and space.


Helping you understand and deliver to modern industry standards and specifications.


We know all the major modern technical communication tools, we can get you up to speed!


We know how to help you get the right processes and best practices in place to achieve success.

8-12 March 2021 – Join our online live course – Understanding XML and S1000D  – learn more

See our interactive course guides

Understanding XML and S1000D
S1000D 101
S1000D for Technical Authors

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  • S1000D 101 for Managers
  • Configuring S1000D & Developing S1000D Business Rules, BrDoc and BREX
  • Developing an S1000D DMRL
  • S1000D for Project Managers
  • An introduction to S2000M


We loved your course, very interesting and enthusiastic to boot, we will need more!..

Passionate, colourful and fun – the best courses I have done on this subject to date!

You engaged with the team at the perfect level, they all enjoyed the course – great job!

Great use of real-life supporting stories – made for entertaining learning

No messing, no flannel, no nonsense – just open and honest!

You made S1000D understandable and less daunting

Now it make sense, at first I was worried, but it all came together

Inspired! – I was worried it was going to be dull..

Inspiration Through Training

At TDW we focus only on the needs of the technical information professional in the aerospace, defence and space markets. Our goal is to provide truly world-class training experiences for our customers.

What you can learn with us:

  • Industry specifications and standards
  • Software specific training
  • Best practice and no messing advice and guidance
  • Lessons learned and things to avoid
  • How standards and specifications can work for YOU

Specification and Standards

We have been using and supporting clients with the adoption of leading industry standards and specifications for over 20 years. Having developed a knowledge base second to none.


  • Understanding and adopting S1000D
  • Getting technical documentation right
  • Various standards and specifications – how they work and which is best for you?
  • In the weeds – creating S1000D content, DMRl, SNS, Business Rules and more

Beyond the Classroom

We want all of our students and clients to be more than happy with the quality of the training, but the learning does not stop when we leave the classroom!

All of our clients receive:

  • 12-month complimentary subscription to the Tech Data World magazine
  • 3-month complimentary access to TD-iQ with over 300 hours of tutorials and recordings
  • Ask The Tutor” – 6 months ask the tutor support