A full course full of enthusiastic, engaging video-lead instruction with real-life examples and presentations


Looking at the role of the technical communicator, technical communication, process, practices today


Where technical communication is going with innovation and technology and how it is changing technical communication


Upon successful completion of the course all students will receive a Tech Data World certificate and ‘pass pack’

Over the last four years we have been developing what we believe is the most comprehensive and detailed syllabus for technical communication in aerospace, defence and space

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Just some of what you will learn


We start with the fundamentals where we will look at the role of technical information, the types of information as well as the role of the technical communicator

Process & Practice

Once we understand the role, we will move on to the processes associated with technical communication, from creation to review to publish to controls

Tools and Software

Common tools in the technical communicators toolbox? It goes well beyond editing tools, during this course we will look at the best tools available today.

Building blocks

What makes-up a technical manual, we will look at the core components of a technical manual, the role they play and how an enduser would use them

Standards and Specifications

Where do standards and specifications fit, what role do they play and what you need to know around monolithic information v modular approaches, what do we mean by structure?

The future

Where is technical communication going and what are the skills we need to be developing to keep ourselves and our technical information current? Where will AR, VR and AI fit in to technical publications?

Commercial Considerations

How do we price a technical manual, creation to selling?  Project management and collaboration, Intellectual Property Rights, copyright and legal implications of technical manuals

Multi-media, graphics and enriching content

Here we will look at the role of graphics, types of graphics, video and enriching content with multi-media. The benefits and considerations of all formats and types

And so much more!

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